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Christian Symbols and Their Meanings
by Dr. KJ Burk

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Dr. KJ Burk


Thank you so very much for requesting my eBook version of my soon to be published “Christian Symbols and Their Meanings.” The link to access and download the eBook has been sent to the email address you provided.
This eBook version is just a small sampling of what will be included in the print edition scheduled to be available in a limited edition print version in the Spring of 2019. 
You may pre-order the printed hard cover Limited Edition version HERE
Each copy that is pre-ordered via this special offer will be personalized and hand signed by KJ Burk. 
Printing of the Hardcover Limited Edition version of “Christian Symbols and Their Meanings” by Dr. KJ Burk is limited to 100 copies so Pre-Order NOW to secure your copy! 
Thank you again for requesting the FREE eBook sampling of “Christian Symbols and Their Meanings.” 
Be Blessed, 
KJ Burk
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