Creating Christian Leaders of the Future

Founders and Church Leaders

Delmer Burk | Apostle of Christ 

Divine Waters Church is led by God through the faithful service of Delmer Burk

Check out our Messages link above to view the latest writings by Delmer, or click the WATCH link at the top of the page to find out when we broadcast next. 

Dr. Dan C. Adams | Prophet & Advisor

Divine Waters Church came to be as a result of promptings given to Delmer through Dan’s prophetic messages from God. 

Dr. KJ Burk | Lady of Christ 

God blessed KJ with the gift of prophecy at a young age. She shares God’s divine messages to pass blessings on to those who seek the Lord.

KJ is also the founder of Christian Business Leaders proving that you can have a successful business career while maintaining a Christian life filled with abundance. 

Find out more about living a life filled with abundance through KJ’s latest book soon to be released… Book of Bounty.

Feel free to contact KJ directly if you find yourself at a crossroads and seek spiritual ‘no-nonsense’ advice

Bridget-Kaye Burk | Director of Media Operations & Evangelist

Divine Waters is very fortunate to have the talents of this young lady! Bridget-Kaye is not only an inspirational evangelist, but also has extensive experience in Live Streaming and Television Broadcasting, as well as being a talented photographer. She brings a youthful approach to everything we do at Divine Waters. 

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