Creating Christian Leaders of the Future

Delmer Burk

Apostle of Christ

Delmer Jonathon Burk was born to lead, yet he did not come to that realization until his 50’s even though he had been unknowingly leading others his entire life. Delmer enjoyed a simple life growing up in the Black Hills of South Dakota in a loving Christian family. He worked as a miner for the Homestake Gold Mine for over 20 years. In 1997 he met and married KJ and embarked on building a life together based on Christian values with both having a strong belief in Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior. 

In 2012 Delmer and KJ, along with their two children, moved to the Ozarks Region of Missouri. Their countryside farm in Hartville is nestled among rolling hills of fields, forest and spring-fed ponds. In 2018 Delmer experienced an awakening of his spirit and a calling to serve in God’s army as an Apostle of Christ. With Delmer’s re-dedicated to serving the Lord, he and KJ dedicated a portion of their land to build and develop the Divine Waters Church and Ministry where Delmer serves as an Apostle of Christ and the lead Pastor. 

Until the construction of the Divine Waters Chapel is completed, we invite you to join us online! To assist with the construction and development of Divine Waters, please visit our projects page. 

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