Creating Christian Leaders of the Future


Divine Waters Church & Ministry was founded by the glory of God to serve as an ambassador of His word to all of mankind and to prepare others to minister in the name of God.

We are located in the heartland of America nestled in the Ozark Mountains. Founders, Delmer & KJ Burk have donated land to expand the church and ministry. The property features a spring-fed pond and carriage trails for walking and horseback-riding. 

When completed the property will include a new Chapel in the Woods, Baptismal/Blessing Pool, a Sacred Garden, Event Hall, Mercantile General Store w/ Farm-fresh fruits, vegetables & eggs, Outdoor Theatre, Rustic Cabins, plus Tent & RV Sites. The camping amenities will be open to the public, with priority given to members of Divine Waters Church & Ministry.  Our goal is to create an environment where families can reconnect with God and each other without distractions from the outside world. (Yes, cell service is available, but we encourage visitors to use electronic devices sparingly to fully enjoy their experience at Divine Waters.) Please visit our Frontier Village page to learn more about the projects at Divine Waters.


Divine Waters Church & Ministry | Pastor Retreat ProjectFurther expansion is also on the agenda to create a peaceful retreat for Pastors/Ministers and their spouses. The ‘burnout’ rate of Pastors is extremely high and continues to climb. Many feel pressure to compete with popular ‘stage evangelists’ and become over-stressed and depressed as they watch their own parish members slowly disappear. It is our goal to create a place where Pastors can reconnect with God and rediscover their true purpose in ministry. Be sure to visit our Pastor Retreat Project page to find out more! 

Divine Waters Church & Ministry is NOT associated with any other church or religious organization. We focus on sharing the teachings found in the Holy Bible and follow the Apostle’s Creed. Our primary mission is to bring people to God through Jesus Christ. 

Outreach ministry work and charity projects are all based in the United States of America. While we are well aware of how great the needs is around the world, we first focus on the needs of our fellow Americans. Our projects include: 

  • Well-being assistance for US Veterans 
  • Services for Young Adults with Special Needs 
  • Clean Water and Food Drives for Native Americans 
  • Assistance for First Responders and their  families through “Support the Shields.” 
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